Important !


ayments are available via Postal money transfer. In this case, a receipt is not issued. The legal basis for this is Ordinance No. H - 18 of 2006, Article 3 for "Registration and reporting of the sales made". According to the text of the Ordinance, a fiscal receipt is not issued when the payment is made via Postal Money Transfer. This service must be performed by a licensed postal operator, such as Econt, Rapido, Bulgarian Posts and others.


The customer keeps the fiscal document, which replaces the cash receipt as proof of payment.


Which courier company do you work with?   


The courier companies we work with are Econt and Rapido. Delivery is via courier within 3-5 business days. Saturday and Sunday are treated as non-working days. After sending your order, you will receive an email confirming the order and our representative will contact you at the specified telephone number to specify the order.


What is the delivery cost?


When the order is worth more than BGN 90.00, the delivery is free of charge for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria! You can choose an office near Econt or your address. For orders up to customer's address, delivery is made by Rapido. For orders outside of the Republic of Bulgaria the delivery is paid by the customer. The delivery price is from 7.00 EUR to 50.00 EUR for Europe only up to 1 kg!


Can I request specific product information?


For each product you can ask us to our facebook page Once you have submitted the inquiry, we will respond to you within 24 hours.


A few days passed and I have not received / received the delivery yet, why?


For such problems, please contact us immediately! We will take the necessary measures to solve the problem immediately.




All items shipped for the transport of Econt or Rapido are properly and safely packaged. In the case of fragile shipments, the courier is further informed and the package is marked with this circumstance.




The claim must be in writing and received on e-mail within 15 days of the date of receipt of the shipment. For complaints not filed within the prescribed time and time Inter Medical Ltd. is not responsible.