Neocell's products are manufactured in a certified laboratory by the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration). It is equipped with the latest generation of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment with very high levels of quality control. Neocell has one of the best analytical laboratories in the industry in one with a highly qualified team of specialists, allowing unprecedented tests on the raw material - ready product chain!  



GMP Certification 


All Neocell products are manufactured under the FDA's new GMP standard for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food. The cGMP certificate guarantees the highest quality requirements for the products and the production process. Independent inspectors carry out comprehensive and detailed audits, assessing the quality control of raw materials, control and staffing, production and warehouse facilities, hygiene, technical equipment and facilities, production technologies and processes, product storage methods and distribution methods.





Each product, before being placed on the market, has over 150 tests. Through our patented enzymatic process, all of our products are standardized for maximum absorption. We guarantee every active substance in products with functional bioavailability and label authenticity.  


On each package you can find the GMP logo, which ensures that the most stringent quality requirements are met in product manufacturing. We have established ourselves as a company offering natural products based on natural collagen of the highest quality, purity and effectiveness of the ingredients.  





The Health and Nutrition Supplement Act of 1994 is one of the key legal frameworks governing the US Food Supply Industry. Under the responsibility of DSHEA, manufacturers are fully responsible for providing products and ingredients that are safe for public consumption while the FDA is responsible for taking action against products that are considered dangerous. The DSHEA also lays down labeling standards that require ingredients to be clearly marked in the form of a nutrition panel that indicates the total net quantity of the active ingredients in the product. According to DSHEA, each Neocell tag brings complete and accurately presented information.



Choice of ingredients 


The choice of raw materials also distinguishes the company among today's producers. The unique ingredients included in Neocell's products have been developed for years with products from other brands. The company constantly invests in analyzing and developing new formulas and products.  


Since its very inception, Neocell has been focused on the production of natural collagen of the highest quality and effectiveness of ingredients. All products have a GMP certificate of quality, which means that all ingredients have passed a laboratory analysis with over 150 quality tests. For more than 20 years, NeoCell has been the leader in the development and production of premium anti-aging formulations and is the world's leading collagen brand. The company's products are natural, not synthetic, and are designed to provide health, beauty and general well-being to the body.




GMP Certificate!