Collagen Pomegranate liquid 4000 mg - 473 ml.

  • Brand: NEOCELL

Collagen is a complex structural protein that builds the collagen fibers of hair, skin, nails, tendons, muscles, bones, cartilage and joints.


In other words, collagen is the major protein that accounts for over 75% of the connective tissue in the body.


Unfortunately, after the age of 25, the body reduces collagen production by 1.5% per year, and when your body reach 40, the collagen in it decreases by 25%. At the age of 60 the body loses 50% of its collagen.


Therefore, it must be taken from outside if you want to maintain your body healthy! The skin begins to thin and the first wrinkles and signs of aging appear.  


Liquid Collagen is enzymatically processed in amino acid form with very low molecular weight only (2000 daltons) and is digested in 100% of the body. 


Liquid Collagen is clinically tested to help smooth out wrinkles, maintain skins elasticity and hydration, remove cellulite and acne, and heal hair and nails. 


Current Collagen is type I and III, which is naturally found in the body and is 100% natural. It contains a unique amino acid complex of 19 of the most important amino acids, such as lisine; Proline; Hydroxylisine and hydroxyproline, which stimulate the production of new collagen fibers in the body.


Liquid Collagen reduces wrinkle depth by 26%, increases skin hydration by 50%, reduces pores by 35% and increases skin elasticity by 19%.  


Liquid Collagen contains Vitamin C, which is essential for the absorption of collagen in the body.





  • Powerful antioxidant.
  • 100% pure bioactive collagen type I and III
  • Maintains the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keeps moisture in the skin.
  • Builds and supports the bone matrix.
  • Reduces hair loss.
  • For healthy hair and nails.
  • For stronger joints and tendons.
  • Helps control weight.
  • It provides a building block for the growth and maintenance of a healthy body.
  • Slows the aging processes in the body.
  • 100% absorption.
  • Gluten free. No artificial colors and flavors.
  • Concentrates of agave, pomegranate, cranberry, elder, green tea
  • Liquid ionic minerals.





Content in 15 ml:


  • 100% pure bovine calf type I and III bovine - 4000 mg.
  • Vitamin C - 50 mg.
  • Fruit blend - 5.5 g organic concentrate of agave, cranberry, pomegranate, elder, green tea
  • Ion Minerals.






Does not contain: GMO; Gluten; Saccharose; Starch; Yeast; Wheat; Cholesterol; fats; Artificial colors; Preservatives; Wheat and maize derivatives; Milk derivatives. 


Others: purified water, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium sorbate. 


Method of administration: Take one tablespoon a day, in the morning 30 minutes before a meal. Self or with juice, tea, fresh. To maximize the anti-age effect, use extra hyaluronic acid. Recommended intake of at least 3 months. 


After opening, store in a refrigerator!


Best beauty product for 2013; 2014 and 2017 - Betternutrition USA



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